Our journey began in 2019

Hello and welcome to WoodilyToys - your trusted source for delightful wooden toys.

WoodilyToys was born in 2019 with a simple yet powerful idea - to bring happiness by making personalized name puzzles.

Like many others, we started our business in the apartment garage 🙈. A year later, we moved to city of our dream San Diego, grew up to a team of 10 people and moved to an amazing warehouse where we continued to create our lovely toys. We carefully made each puzzle, making sure every piece was just perfect.

Fast forward to today, WoodilyToys became a symbol of quality and creativity, winning the hearts of 48000 happy customers.

meet the faces behind the brand

Who are we?

We are a cheerful and happy Ukrainian family - Art, Mika, and the cutest frenchie Booba :)

We run our small family business together. Art loves woodworking, Mika loves design and kids. Together, we love eco-friendly lifestyle and bring you awesome wooden toys that are full of fun and joy for you and your family. We just want to make your playtime the best time! 🌟

2023 - A turning point year

In 2023, faced with circumstances beyond our controls, we made the tough and very painful decision to close the chapter on our beloved handmade puzzles. Moved by the love and sadness our customers shared when we considered closing, we were inspired to start a new chapter in response to their heartfelt messages.

"Our family is forever grateful for the puzzles we do have from your shop, and are a treasured toy in this house! 🥹"

Our new chapter

Introducing our new chapter -pretend play toys, no longer crafted by our hands but still have the same love and quality.

We are proud to partner with top brands Viga & PolarB, loved in Europe and the U.S. Just like us, they care about making eco-friendly toys that are well-designed, fun, and high-quality. We're excited to be the official distributor of these great brands in the USA.

Our commitment to consistency is choosing brands we trust. Viga and PolarB source high-grade beech from Europe, ensuring that our customers receive only the finest quality toys that meet our stringent standards.

Our Values

At WoodilyToys, our values are the cornerstone of everything we do. We promise to deliver:

Quality and Safety

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality toys remains unwavering.


While we may no longer handcraft each item, our dedication to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers remains paramount.

Curation of the Best

We promise to continue selecting and testing toys meticulously, ensuring that only the best reach the hands of our customers.

Family Connection

We understand the importance of family moments. Our toys aim to strengthen family bonds by providing opportunities for shared laughter, learning, and joyous experiences.